So what is this stamped concrete?

Stamped Concrete Ashlar-SlateIt’s decorated and sealed concrete that’s an alternative solution to real stone and pavement. A big positive for the outdoors, is that it withstands cracking, weathering, and weeds. Unlike pavement and real stones, stamped concrete will not shift over the winter, will keep its flat surface throughout the years, and will not get weeds. Therefore, this process is catching like wildfire because it’s creative, durable, moderately priced, and requires low maintenance. It needs resealing only once every four years and the initial cost and installation of stamped concrete is 33% less than pavers.

Herrngbn-StmpInstalling stamped concrete on a big area like your driveway, a walkway, or patio is not something you can do alone. This treatment is at least a four person job. However, it is something you definitely can experiment with onto a small area. For example, I’ve seen a personalized cement base around a wood stove with sea shell impressions, sea glass, and silver sculpted pieces embedded on the surface. You can get as creative as you want or pick a standard pattern and color.